Practice Areas

Unlawful Detainer

You’ve worked hard to make your property first-class. Now, your tenants are not holding up their end of the bargain and you need a lawyer. Corey has years of experience in effectively representing private landowners (both commercial and residential), REITs, and others in lease disputes with tenants. In so doing, Corey strives to keep the landlord’s primary goal in mind: Restarting the income stream as soon as possible.

Corey also represents landlords and landowners in more complex lease matters, the defense of mechanic’s liens and related construction claims, and boundary and use disputes.

Business Litigation

When times are tough, even the best business relationships can become strained. A good attorney can help you resolve disputes that arise, and work to stop others before they begin. Corey has over fifteen years experience prosecuting and defending contract disputes, business torts, and other business litigation matters in federal and state court, as well as through private mediation and arbitration. Corey is focused on efficient results so that business owners, like you, can stop paying legal fees and return to productive endeavors as soon as possible.

Land Use Litigation

It’s been said that “Good fences make good neighbors.” However, sometimes fences are not enough. Easement disputes, license disputes, zoning issues, and related matters have been a cornerstone of Corey’s practice for the past ten years. If your property has been impacted by others, whether public or private, Corey may be able to help.